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Gabriel Cosmetics

gabriel cosmetics

Gorgeously Green

By infusing naturally sourced ingredients from both land and sea, Gabriel provides innovative natural beauty solutions, gorgeous color palettes and the confidence to wear vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free makeup.

Dewy skin isn’t everyone’s cup of beauty tea, but if you’ve ever attempted the glistening trend you know it can be a hard one to master.

Striking the right balance between matte and overly shiny can be difficult at best, and if—as most of us—you think the solution is to energetically dab highlighter on your cheekbones, we promise there’s a better way.

If you’ve previously come up short or simply want to try something fresh, there’s a trick (or two) you might need to familiarize yourself with—and it’s all in your primer technique.

Gabriel Cosmetics

Gabriel Cosmetics

The key to that glowing-from-within look is to mix your favorite hydrating, lightweight, and pearly primer—like our Universal Primer—with your liquid foundation.

Simply use a 60 to 40 ratio of primer to the foundation and apply it to your skin as you normally would.

Another way to achieve that Instagram-worthy sheen without creating your own makeup concoction? Instead of completely rubbing in your primer as you would a moisturizer or serum,

apply it lightly to your face to soften the edges and smooth out harsh, streaky lines by leaving a light layer of product that sits on top of your skin.

Follow up by applying your favorite foundation directly on top or leave your visage bare for a hardly-there beauty vibe.

Voilà! Your skin can now glisten from every angle.

Gabriel Cosmetics

We have created gorgeous new boxes to deliver the same great products, but with a fresh new look.

On top of beautiful boxes, we have also renamed a few products.

Rest assured, they are exactly the same but now their name will better describe how fabulous they are.

Our products are still made with our signature formulas and are always natural, gluten-free, vegan and cruelty-free.

We just have a pretty new box to put them in!

Makeup Tips & Tricks for Your 50s (and Beyond)

We’re firm adherents to the age is only a number aphorism, yet that doesn’t mean your skin and cosmetics need to look any less brilliant as you get more seasoned.

Gabriel Cosmetics

It’s inescapable that our composition will change as we age, presenting new issues or problems that we haven’t needed to go up against previously.

The most ideal approach to remain new and gleaming? Switch up your skincare schedule, the cosmetics you use, evade normal missteps and find new application strategies that will better serve you as your face develops.

Look at the excellence tips and traps for your 50s and past beneath.

Put Skincare First 

Great healthy skin ought to be the initial phase in your excellence routine at any age, yet as you get more seasoned the wellbeing of your skin turns out to be significantly progressively significant.

It’s vital to pursue a morning schedule of chemical, cream, and sun assurance, and afterward include a serum (like our Advanced Polypeptides Serum) into your evening time schedule.

Cook your items to your skin type, dependably make certain to utilize a cream explicitly made for eyes in that sensitive territory (attempt our Marine Anti-Aging Eye Cream), and include a facial oil in with the general mish-mash in the event that you have dry skin or need a significantly dewier energetic sparkle.

Prime Your Eyelids

Regardless of whether you don’t have especially slick eyelids, utilizing an Eyeshadow Primer can help diminish a portion of the unmistakable indications of maturing and keep your cosmetics set up throughout the day.

As we get more seasoned our skin winds up more slender—particularly around our eyes—which can result in scarce differences and uneven tones.

Essentially tap the preliminary onto your tops and you’ll have more brilliant peepers in a split second, regardless of whether you include eyeshadow or not.

Reach for Matte Finishes

We adore shimmer as much as anyone else, yet so do any scarcely discernible differences that you have all over.

Cosmetics that incorporates unnecessary measures of gleam and sparkle (particularly around your eyes) will in general sink into your wrinkles and emphasize them—essentially limit highlighter to the internal corners of your eyes, the focuses of your eyelids, and on your temples bones.

Reach for Gabriel Eyeshadow (we have a few staggering matte choices) and Gabriel Powder Blush, which ought to be connected exclusively on your cheekbones (not on the apples of your cheeks) so as to give your face a characteristic lift.

Avoid the Powder

A saturating cream establishment makes the ideal base and will level out your appearance.

It’s ideal to begin the application procedure at the focal point of your face and work outward, which is the place you’ll likely need the most inclusion for redness, staining, and flaws.

Mix the item outward towards your hairline, ears, and neck with a brush or wipe to guarantee even application and wipe away any brutal lines.

Remember Your Eyebrows

To add definition to your face, make a point to fill in your eyebrows with a pencil or gel (attempt our Cream Brow Pencil).

As we get more seasoned, our foreheads will in general slim out and even grow the periodic silver hair—brush the item through in an upward and outward movement to expand your curves in only a couple of moments.

Use Setting Spray

You may see that your cosmetics has started to blur quicker than it used to—utilizing a setting splash will help keep it set up longer and add dampness to your skin in the meantime.

Simply apply a couple spritzes of our Sea Mineral Hydra Mist after your cosmetics application to complete your look.

Reward: this flexible item can likewise be utilized for the duration of the day to revive and hydrate your whole body.

Change Your Eyeliner Approach

As we age, our eyelids can start to wrinkle and turn out to be more hooded which makes eyeliner hard to get perfectly.

For the best outcomes and to influence your peepers to seem bigger, select a shading other than conventional dark—like Charcoal, Chocolate Brown, Indigo, Slate, or even Pine.

You should switch up your technique as well—instead of illustration a line, spot the pencil along your upper lash line and fill it in flawlessly with a blender wipe.

On the off chance that you need to stay away from eyeliner inside and out, have a go at working a darker eyeshadow into your upper lash line with a little Precision Brush for a comparative impact.

Disguise Wisely

Try not to run over the edge with concealer, especially under your eyes where your skin is sensitive.

To get the best inclusion, pick a shade or two lighter than your skin tone for the undereye territory—this will cover dark circles and furthermore light up your eyes.

Apply it with a brush to shield it from getting excessively overwhelming, and put it just on the dull regions and not under your whole eye.

In the event that your dark circles are major or you have another staining on your skin, go after our Color Correcting Primer first and line it up with our Cream Concealer.

Gabriel Cosmetics


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